04 - Upholstery

Change the Fabric, Foam, design of existing furniture is always the art of re creation the existing things, Upholstery always have some major changes in your home , you can get the desirable color, design of fabric & Quality of fabric inspection by yourself  before the execution of actual product.Color choose by Client

Ø Material Choose by Client

Ø Quality of Fabric Choose by Client

Ø Foam density choose by client

Ø Design and modification as per client


1.     Headboard & Beds ( Design Provided )

2.     Sofa Sets ( Design Provided )

3.     China Model Sofa

4.     Fancy Wooden Frame Sofa

5.     Recliner repairing & Upholstery

6.     Dining Chairs

7.     Office Chairs

8.     Executive Chairs

9.     Living Room Texture Chairs

10.  Leather sofa ( Artificial , Synthetic, UV & FR, Faux Leather )

11.  Water proof fabric and Fire retarded fabric, Stain Proof Fabric will be provided as per request & Customized treatment will be done on fabric as well.

12. Table, Dressing Table, Side Table, Love Table, Storage Table.

13. Dewan, Designer Sofa a set.

14. Arabic Sofa set, Arabic majlis, Customized as per client requirement.

There are no products to list in this category.